How to Check the Balance on My Costco Cash Card

How to Check the Balance on My Costco Cash Card
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Costco Cash Cards are purchasable online or in store to use as cash or to give as gifts to others to use as cash at Costco warehouse and gas locations or online to purchase merchandise. As of October 2010, each card can hold a balance ranging between $25 and $1,000. Costco provides you with three primary ways to check your Costco Cash Card balance: via a toll-free number, online or at a Costco location at checkout.

Call the toll-free number on the back of your Costco Cash Card. Follow the phone prompts to access your balance.

Go to the website and select the “My Account” link at the top of the screen. Input your email address and password in the Registered Shoppers section on the Login Page. Enter your Costco Cash Card and Card PIN numbers in the fields provided under “Costco Cash Card (balance lookup only).” Click the “View Balance” button.

Purchase an item or items with your Costco Cash Card at a warehouse or gas location. Check the balance on your receipt.


  • If you’ve forgotten your online account password, input your email address in the Forgot Your Password? section on the Login Page screen and click “Go” to have it forwarded to you.

    If your Costco warehouse has a red kiosk, slide the card through the kiosk card reader to retrieve your balance.