How to Check on New Jersey Family Care

The New Jersey Family Care plan is an affordable health insurance option for families living at or below the national poverty level. The "family card" plan allows you to pay a low monthly premium for health insurance that covers your family’s medical expenses. The requirements to qualify for the plan are strict and if you do not meet all of the requirements you will not be permitted to obtain it. If you want to check on the status of your family care plan once you’ve submitted your application you can easily do so.

Call a state health benefits coordinator at 800-701-0710 to check on the status of your family care plan application.

Provide the benefits coordinator with your name, Social Security Number, and verify the home address and contact number you provided when you filled out your application.

Ask the benefits coordinator to check the status of your application. The benefits coordinator can tell you whether your application was received and where it stands. If your application was submitted to your local county welfare agency, the benefits coordinator will provide you with that phone number and your policy ID number to call and ask about the status with the county agency.