How to Check If My Medi-Cal Is Active

by Theresa Bruno ; Updated October 25, 2017
Call your local Medi-Cal office for information regarding your benefits.

Medi-Cal, started in 1966, is California's Medicaid program, which provides medical, dental and vision care for the poor and disabled. According to the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS), over 7.5 million Californians are registered for Medi-Cal, yet some don't realize their status is active. By making sure your Medi-Cal account is still active and accepted by both doctors and hospitals, you'll be able to receive medical care when you need it.

Step 1

Find the number of your local welfare office. While Medi-Cal is a statewide program, it is administered at the local level. A list of the county welfare offices can be found on the DHCS website or in your local phone book under Health and Human Services or Social Services.

Step 2

Call the local welfare office and ask to speak with your caseworker. Provide your case worker with your social security number and Medi-Cal identification number on your Beneficiary Insurance Card (BIC). If you don't know who your caseworker is, your local welfare office can find this information and transfer your call appropriately.

Step 3

Ask your case worker if you are still active and can receive medical care through Medi-Cal. If you are no longer active, your case worker can help file a new claim.

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