How to Cancel a ReverbNation Account

ReverbNation is a social networking website that allows independent musicians, producers and venues to share music and collaborate on projects. According to over 1,307000 independent music artists use the website. ReverbNation is a paid subscription-based service, and you cancel your subscriptions at any time through the account management feature of the website.

Go to the ReverbNation home-page (See Resources).

Click the "Log In" link located in the upper-right corner of the home-page.


Enter your ReverbNation user name and password and click the "Sign In" button.


Select the "Control Room" option and click "My Home."


Select the "Manage Premium Services" option.

Click the "Unsubscribe" option located next to every ReverbNation account you want to cancel. ReverbNation will automatically send you an email with a confirmation number for the canceled services.



  • ReverbNation does not offer prorated refunds for paid subscriptions.