How to Cancel a Gold's Gym Membership

Originally started on Venice Beach in 1965, today, Gold’s Gym is a global organization with fitness centers in 38 states throughout America. Like many gyms, having regular access to the fitness equipment and services at Gold’s requires obtaining a membership and signing a membership contract. To cancel your membership, follow the steps outlined in the terms of agreement, which should be detailed on your contract.

Gold’s Rules

Gold’s Gym documents their cancellation policy on their official website; the terms should also be included in your membership agreement. All members must sign a cancellation form in person at a physical Gold’s Gym location or mail a certified letter to the membership department requesting cancellation. Contact the location where your membership was originally started to obtain the proper mailing address for the certified letter. Gold’s does require 30 days notice for cancelling any membership, so be prepared to continue to pay until that obligation is fulfilled. Gold’s bills between the 12th and 15th of each month, and rates will not be prorated when cancelling a membership, according to their cancellation policies; you must pay the remainder of the current billing cycle in addition to another 30 days. For example, if you cancel your membership on the first day of the month, you will have to pay for the next 45 days.

Individual Clubs

Gold’s Gym is a franchise organization, which means that different people may own the clubs in your area. Go to or contact the location where your membership originated and inquire about their specific membership cancellation policies. Though most gyms likely follow corporate policies, double-checking with your home gym can help to prevent any surprises in terms or fees. You can also review the membership agreement that you signed with your home location; it should specify any differences between the policies of the individual club and those of corporate.

Documentation Communication

Keep a written record of all communication and correspondence that you engaged in with Gold’s Gym. Make notations as to the individuals that you speak with, whether in person or on the telephone, and whether that person was based at your local gym or at corporate headquarters. Written communication provides the best means of tracking your efforts, however, remember that you cannot cancel your membership through email. When speaking to a representative of Gold’s Gym face to face, document the person’s name, date, time of conversation and detailed notes about what was said during the conversation. The documentation will help in the event that you need to take legal action against Gold’s Gym for failing to cancel your membership in an appropriate manner.

Written Proof

Gold’s Gym memberships are initially for a specific amount of time, such as one year, and then they transition into a month-to-month agreement. You may have to show an emergency of some sort to cancel before your contract expires, such as moving at least 25 miles out of the area or suffering a medical condition that prevents you from working out. Documentation must be provided to prove your cause, such as a lease agreement or utility bill to show that you are moving or a doctor’s note to verify your medical condition.


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