How to Buy Used Tires in Quantity

How to Buy Used Tires in Quantity
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People buy used tires in quantity for the purpose of sorting through the tires and looking for tires that still have some wear left to them. Customers purchase the tires from used tire shops and have them installed on their cars. The reason people buy used tires for their cars is because they are much cheaper than new tires and it can sometimes buy them a little time between paychecks to save up for new tires. Other people tend to change their tires before they need to because they have the money to do so. This gives tire shops a quantity of used tires where some are of good quality and some are not usable.

Call local tire shops and ask them what they do with their junk tires. Junk tires are tires that are taken off of cars by tire shops so new tires can be put on. Tire shops usually pay a disposal service a fee to remove their junk tires. Therefore, many tire shops are willing to allow you to pick through their junk tire piles for free so they don’t have to pay the tire disposal fee.

Call around and look for tire shops that only sell new tires, not used tires. If you do find shops like this, and if they allow you to pick through their piles of junk tires, you’ll find many used tires in quantity that are resellable.

Call local auto wrecking yards. In many cases, if you offer to purchase their tires in bulk, they will give you a great deal such as $2 to $5 per tire.


  • Don’t overlook large tire chains. They will often let you sift through their junk tires, too, in order to save on disposal costs.


  • Be ready to work hard. Tires are heavy and you will have to go through a lot of bad ones to find the good ones. Don’t go through tire piles without permission from the shop owner, because you can get fined or arrested. It is illegal to haul more than 10 junk tires in your vehicle in California without being licensed and bonded by the state. Check with the Department of Transportation to find out what the laws are pertaining to junk tires in your state.