How to Buy Diamonds on eBay

How to Buy Diamonds on eBay

When shopping online for diamonds it can be a tricky task. However you can save money and get a great deal when you buy diamonds on eBay. Just like everything else on eBay, buying diamonds on eBay is not a hard thing to do as long as you know what you are doing. It is very easy to buy diamonds on eBay without doing any research, but you want to make sure that what you are buying is truly worth what you are paying for. There are diamond auctions on eBay that might be confusing, so this guide will help you find that "diamond in the rough", as well as keep you protected from shady diamond dealers.

When you decide to buy a diamond on eBay you will want to know exactly what you are looking for. You will want to know what is known in the diamond industry as the "4 C's". The 4 C's are: Cut, Carat, Clarity, and Color. Now books are written about the 4 C's, so I am going to give a very high level look at them because this is about hoe to buy diamonds on eBay not just about buying diamonds.

Cut - A diamond comes in different shapes. These basic shapes are: Round, Princess, Emerald, Oval Marquise, Pear, and Heart.

Carat - This is how big the diamond is and how many points it has. Diamonds can commonly range from .05 Carats to 3 Carats.

Clarity - Every diamond has some natural flaws in it that can reduce the clarity. Basically the clearer the diamond the more expensive it is. There is a very specific grading scale that is used by the International Gemological Institute to determine diamond clarity and you will see this scale used in almost all eBay diamond auctions. The grading scale for clarity is: IF - Internally Flawless (Most Expensive Clarity) VVS1 and VVS2 - Very Very Slightly included VS1 and VS2 - Very Slightly Included SI1 and SI2 - Slightly Included I1 - Inclusions visable to naked eye I2 - Inclusions easily located with naked eye I3 - Inclusions very easily located with naked eye. (Cheapest Clarity)

Color - This is the color of the diamond. Most diamonds look white however they all have some degree of yellow to them. The color is also given a grading scale from the International Gemological Institute and that scale is lettered and goes from D to S. The scale is as follows: Colorless (D, E, F) Near Colorless (G, H, I, J) Faint (K, L, M) Very Light (N, O, P, Q, R) Light (S)

Certified Diamonds - These diamonds have appraisals of estimated retail value. The certifications can include pictures as well as serial numbers from the gemological lab that did the appraisal.

Well now that we have the basics of what to look for when buying diamonds it's now on to how to buy diamonds on eBay. Make sure to bookmark this page so that you can refer back to it in the future, or share it easily with friends and family.

The first thing you need to do is find the diamond or diamond jewelry you wish to purchase. You can accomplish this by browsing the open auctions in the "Jewelry and Watches" category on eBay. You can also search for exactly what you want by typing it into the search box. For example if you wanted to find diamond pendant, simply use the search box and type in "diamond pendant" and press search.

Review the listings that interest you, and once you find something you like that fits your budget take a moment and review the auction. You need to take a careful look at the shipping charges, if it is sent insured, how long after auction end does it ship, and if there are any guarantees or return policy.

Most auctions are very clear about the diamonds, however if you have any questions make sure to use the "Ask seller a question" link. Any reputable dealer on eBay will respond quickly and professionally to any inquiry you may make about the listing. Response time and professionalism received here may be a key indicator as to what the seller will be like after the auction is over.

After you have read all the auction terms and are comfortable bidding on the item there is one more precautionary step to take before you bid on a diamond. Take a minute and get to know the seller. This is important because quickly reviewing the seller's feedback rating as well as feedback from other buyers will help you decide if this person is worthy of your business.

Now that you have bought a diamond on eBay it is time to pay for it. Remember how you pay for your purchase is the last safeguard you have to a smooth transaction. Companies such as PayPal offer buyer protection against fraud (See PayPal for full details) and it is a good piece of mind to have after sending a stranger a large sum of money.

****eBay recommends that you NEVER pay for an eBay item using an instant cash wire transfer service.


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