How to Buy Costco Stock

Costco is a membership wholesale club and one of the largest chain retailers in the world. After beginning its operations in 1983, the company went public in 1985. Costco currently trades on the Nasdaq under the ticker symbol COST.

The Stock Market

When companies go public, they allow investors to purchase and trade their common stock on a market exchange. In return for selling an ownership stake, the firm raises capital.

Brokerage Account

In order to purchase common stock, an investor needs to have a brokerage account. The simplest and cheapest way to trade stock is through a discount online brokerage firm.


Ticker Symbol

Once an investor has set up a brokerage account, he can purchase stock by either calling his broker, or doing it online. In order to specify whose stock you would like to purchase, the investor must know that company's ticker symbol. Costco trades under the ticker symbol COST.




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