How to Become a Candy Striper

How to Become a Candy Striper. If you are a teenage girl and thinking about a career in health care, you might want to become a hospital volunteer or candy striper at a local hospital. Becoming a candy striper is not only rewarding but a great learning experience--if you have a desire to help people and don't faint at the sight of blood.

Determine your schedule. Make sure volunteering at a hospital doesn't interfere with your school, work or other commitments. Decide how much of your free time you want to give to being a candy striper.

Have a strong desire to help people and work in the health care field. Being a candy striper involves assisting nurses and exposing yourself to illnesses and injuries.

Visit a hospital and talk to candy stripers to get an idea of what various tasks entail.

Talk to individuals in charge of volunteer programs at your local hospital. If you are under 18, a parent may need to accompany you. Discuss open positions and, if there are openings, sign up.

Attend a few hours of instruction, if the hospital requires it. This helps prepare you to become a candy striper. Chances are, though, because of liability reasons, your duties may be limited.

Decide which area you'd like to volunteer in. There are several departments of the hospital where you can be a candy striper such as in the emergency room or post-operation, or clerical areas such as customer service or information.

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