How to Become a Candy Striper

by Contributor ; Updated October 25, 2017
Become a Candy Striper

How to Become a Candy Striper. If you are a teenage girl and thinking about a career in health care, you might want to become a hospital volunteer or candy striper at a local hospital. Becoming a candy striper is not only rewarding but a great learning experience--if you have a desire to help people and don't faint at the sight of blood.

Step 1

Determine your schedule. Make sure volunteering at a hospital doesn't interfere with your school, work or other commitments. Decide how much of your free time you want to give to being a candy striper.

Step 2

Have a strong desire to help people and work in the health care field. Being a candy striper involves assisting nurses and exposing yourself to illnesses and injuries.

Step 3

Visit a hospital and talk to candy stripers to get an idea of what various tasks entail.

Step 4

Talk to individuals in charge of volunteer programs at your local hospital. If you are under 18, a parent may need to accompany you. Discuss open positions and, if there are openings, sign up.

Step 5

Attend a few hours of instruction, if the hospital requires it. This helps prepare you to become a candy striper. Chances are, though, because of liability reasons, your duties may be limited.

Step 6

Decide which area you'd like to volunteer in. There are several departments of the hospital where you can be a candy striper such as in the emergency room or post-operation, or clerical areas such as customer service or information.

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