How to Apply for Partial Disability

An individual is eligible for partial disability if he or she cannot perform all or some of the duties and responsibilities required by his or her job. To be eligible for partial disability you must meet certain guidelines and requirements. The Social Security Administration may need to speak with your doctor regarding your medical condition. Anyone eligible for partial disability must apply to receive benefits. There are a couple of ways to apply for partial disability.

Call the Social Security Administration office and make an appointment. The phone number is (800)-772-1213. You can file a claim at a local social security office or you can speak with a representative and file a claim by phone.

Get the Disability Starter Kit. A representative from the Social Security office will send you a Disability Starter Kit once you have scheduled your appointment. Look over all the information in the packet. This will help you prepare for your interview with social security of approximately one hour.

Complete the Social Security Benefits and Disability Report. This report will ask for personal information including name, address, date of birth, and Social Security number. You will need to fill out a questionnaire on your medical condition. The report can be completed at this website - You can submit it online or print it out and mail it.

Gather applicable paperwork and documentation. You will need your social security number and your birth certificate. You will also need contact information for your doctors, caseworkers, hospitals and clinics and the dates of your visits. Make a list of all medication you are currently taking and include the dosage. Make sure you know where all your medical records and medical test results are stored.

Document all the places you have worked and the type of work. Locate your recent tax records as you may have to supply them to Social Security.

Mail all paperwork to your local social security office. Ask a representative for the mailing address. You can also bring your documents along on the date of your appoinment at the social security office.


  • Apply as soon as possible. It can take three to five months for your request to be processed.