How to Access My Smith-Barney Account

Morgan Stanley Smith Barney is an international wealth management company that offers its clients a variety of financial products and services. If you have a Smith Barney account, you can log on to your account using the My Smith Barney online system. My Smith Barney offers you complete access to your account including previous account statements, bill pay, balance information and several financial planning tools.

Open a web browser on your computer and go to the Morgan Stanley Smith Barney home-page (see Resources).

Click the "Register for" button located on the left side of the Smith Barney home screen.

Enter your first and last name in the appropriate text fields and select the "Yes" option under the "Do you have an account?" question. Click the red "Continue" button.

Enter your Smith Barney account number, Social Security number, date of birth and mother's maiden name in the appropriate text fields. Enter your email address and the user name and password you want to use to log on to the Smith Barney website. Agree to the terms and conditions of the Smith Barney website and click the red "Continue" button.

Select three security questions and type the answers under each security question. Click the red "Continue" button.

Confirm your information and click the red "Continue" button.

Return to the Smith Barney homepage and enter your user name and password. Press the red arrow to log on to your Smith Barney account.

Click on your Smith Barney account for detailed information about your account.