How to Access My Medical BIC Card

How to Access My Medical BIC Card
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A Beneficiary Identification Card is available to you from your California County Welfare Department. The BIC card is a part of the Medi-Cal program in California, which is a government assistance program for those that cannot afford health care. Your BIC card is similar to any other health insurance card and works much the same way. When you apply and are approved for Medi-Cal services, you are issued a BIC card, which is mailed to you. To access your BIC card if it is lost or stolen, you must contact your Medi-Cal case manager.

Gain access to a new medical BIC card by contacting your welfare case manager at your local welfare department.

Request your new card from your case manager by providing your name and Social Security Number and asking for a new card. Your case manager will request a new card is sent to you.

Call (209) 558-2777 to request a new card. Provide your name and Social Security Number to confirm your identity and request a new card. One will be mailed to you immediately.


  • Your doctor’s office can access your BIC benefits by running your BIC number through their insurance systems to see what type of services are covered, how much you have to pay out of pocket and whether or not you are eligible for the doctor’s services.