How Does Advertising Influence People?

How Does Advertising Influence People?
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Advertising permeates society. The challenge for the small-business owner is to break through the clutter of messages to reach potential customers. You can reach your audience if you understand how advertising influences viewers and readers.

When you choose your advertising method, make sure it follows some solid principles of advertising communication. This requires that you focus on two things at once: the message you want to send and the way it will be received.

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes when you create advertising messages and you will be able to understand the way advertising may influence people.

Providing Information

Many people stay abreast of the latest developments in products and services through advertising. The primary function of advertising is to provide information. Don’t overlook the “what, where, when and how” of your advertising message. You must make sure that potential customers know exactly what you sell and how to purchase it.

The informational part of your advertising message must form the foundation of your entire presentation. Educational advertising explains the value of a product or service to an audience that may or may not know they require the service.

The information provided in your advertisement will influence the way people view the product or market.

Creating a Sense of Value

Consumers must value what you sell. It is your job to convey a sense of value about the product or service you advertise. Make it clear how customers will benefit from buying from you, including how your offering will improve their lives, make them happier, make life easier or solve a problem they have.

Creating value does not always mean offering a bargain. Some customers will pay a premium if they feel that what they are buying is of great value to them.

The important thing is to open the customer to the possibility of the gains they will make by using your product or service.

Identifying With a Lifestyle

Think about the lifestyle your customers lead. Your product or service fits into an overall way of living that your customers choose. Take care that your advertising appeals to that lifestyle by depicting people using what you sell to enhance their sense of identity.

If your product or service becomes part of the culture, you could gain lifelong customers. That product could be something as simple as basic apparel but selling the lifestyle draws a specific audience that is influenced by the message in your advertisement.

Creating Fear of Not Belonging

Many people fear being left out. They want to keep up with trends. They consider being aware of the latest products and services to be their key to social acceptance. Even if you do not offer something that is cutting edge, you can position your product or service as something that is essential to a successful, modern consumer.

Think about the consequences a consumer might suffer for not knowing about what you offer, and emphasize this in your advertising. Watch TV commercials as an example. Many companies use neighbor scenarios to set the stage. One neighbor gets a new car for Christmas and the other is disappointed. The neighbor without the car has been influenced by advertising and feels the loss of belonging.

Fear of Missing Out

Limited time only! On sale now! Get 'em while supplies last! Everyone is tempted now and then to take advantage of special offers and advertisers work hard to build up excitement and expectations about deals that are too good to miss.

Businesses even devote special segments of the calendar to sale events, like a car dealership's President Day sales, Amazon Prime day every summer or Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales around the holidays.

Given how many shoppers eagerly await these special events, it is apparent that many people are influenced by such marketing occasions.