How do I Get Medicaid to Pay for a Lift Chair?

If you have physical limitations that make it difficult to get in and out of a chair, a lift chair may be the solution. Lift chairs are a recliner that assist you when you stand by lifting up and tilting forward. For those who can’t afford to buy a lift chair, Medicaid may be able to help.

Understand what Medicaid coverage is. Medicaid is not a federally run program; it is managed by individual states. Some states offer full coverage for lift chairs, while others offer partial coverage. Eligibility will vary by state.

Visit the Medicaid website for your state by visiting the Medicaid State by State Directory.

Find the office location and phone number for your state Medicaid office, usually listed at the bottom of the page or on the “Contact” page. Call the office to schedule an appointment. Be sure to mention that you want to apply for a lift chair.

Bring proof of your current income, Medicaid status, photo ID and copies of your insurance policies to your appointment. You should also have a letter from your doctor stating that a lift chair would be beneficial to your current medical condition. Be sure to ask the office if you should bring anything else. Procedures and policies vary greatly by state.

Be prepared to fill out paperwork, including an application to receive full or partial coverage for a lift chair through Medicaid. The Medicaid case worker will be able to assist you in filling out the form. Once you submit the form, your local Medicaid office will notify you to let you know if your request for coverage for a lift chair has been approved or denied.