How do I Find Houses That Need to Be Moved?

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Builders and property owners who want to save on demolition costs frequently offer existing houses for a low purchase price, or even for free. Typically the mover is responsible for costs and liabilities associated with moving the structure. The costs to move and refurbish a relocated house may be less than new construction, with proper planning.

Local Classifieds

Local classified ads, whether in print or online, are the first stop when searching for houses that are offered for moving. If the publication does not have a section devoted to house moving, check the real estate for sale and building materials sections. Craigslist frequently has advertisers wanting a house moved. Check the free section and place an ad under "wanted."

Seek and Find

Contact local real estate agents and builders. They are among the first individuals to become aware of a house that needs removal and will have the property owner's current contact information. Create simple business cards or brochures so professionals have contact information for future notification.


Purchase property at or below the land value. Determine the direction of growth in urban areas and target neighborhoods with future higher use potential. Acquiring inexpensive property by paying back taxes is available through almost every county taxing authority. Purchase procedures vary from state and county, so contact local authorities to determine purchase requirements.


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