How Can I Tell If My Health Insurance Is Still Active?

Health insurance is a promise by an insurance company to provide or pay for contracted health care services in the future. In exchange for this promise, the insured or the insured's employer agrees to pay a premium. Health insurance can lapse for a variety of reasons including missed premium payments, cancellation of the policy by the insurance company or change in employment status. In order to tell if your health insurance is still active, you should contact your health insurance provider.

Contact your health insurance provider. You can typically find the customer service phone number for your health insurance provider on the back of your insurance card, on your periodic billing statement or on your policy paperwork.

Verify your identity. The customer service representative will ask for your policy number. If you don't know your policy number, the customer service representative can look up your information by your Social Security Number. Give the customer service representative your policy number or Social Security Number and answer the security questions.

Ask the customer service representative if your policy is still valid. The customer service representative will look at your account and verify that it is still active.