How to Verify a Bank Account for Bank of America

Bank of America's website features an online verification system called SiteKey that provides users with identity theft protection when signing on to the online banking system. SiteKey verifies your identity every time you log on to the online banking system to access your account from a new computer. In addition, SiteKey offers a unique image and phrase that is displayed at logon when you enter your password helping to prevent you from entering your information on a fraudulent look-alike site.

Open the web browser on your computer and go to Bank of America's website. You can find a link to this website below in the Resources section of this article.

Enter your Online ID and the state where you originally opened your Bank of America account. Click the blue "Sign In" button.

Enter the answer to the challenge question. Bank of America will ask you a challenge question to verify your identity each time you log on with a new computer.

Verify the SiteKey.

Enter your password. This completes the verification process and Bank of America will automatically log on to your online account home page.