Home Buying Assistance for Single Mothers in Texas

Home Buying Assistance for Single Mothers in Texas
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Raising a child as a single mother is a challenging job, but when the parent also is trying to buy a house, it can be doubly challenging – as well as stressful. Single mothers looking to buy a home in Texas routinely turn to federal programs for help in locating the right home and finding ways to finance the loan.

Low Income Families

One aspect of finding the funds necessary to buy a house as a single mother is the reality that many lenders would rather provide loans to low income families, rather than single mothers. However, since the federal grants available are designed for low income families, single mothers applying for those grants need to list themselves as a “low income family,” as opposed to a single mother. In addition, any grant money available is paid to other agencies, rather than to the individual. In other words, a single mother in Dallas is going to have her federal grant money given to the Texas HUD office, rather than being paid directly to her. This also means grant money is not available, in many cases, for putting a down payment down on a house. In certain grants provided by the Department of Housing and Urban Development, however, down payment assistance is available.

Rural Housing

Single mothers needing financial assistance in Texas have an option in going to the local branch of the United States Department of Agriculture and applying for a USDA government loan. If the single mother in question falls into the right income bracket and can show proof of being able to afford to make mortgage payments, the USDA has loans available for rural areas in Texas and other states. These loans are special because they require no down payment and actually allow for 30 year repayment options, with an interest rate set by the lender based upon the applicant’s income.

Austin Assistance

Single mothers living in the Austin area have a wide variety of assistance programs available, including help with applying for housing program grants. During the actual moving process, agencies are in place to assist with child care, if needed. In addition, the Texas Home of Your Own Coalition offers down payment assistance to single mothers falling in a certain income bracket and having a verifiable disability.

Fannie Mae

For single mothers looking to buy a home in Texas who have a little savings put away, Fannie Mae has some options available, including affordable pricing on foreclosed homes. Going to a Fannie Mae office and filling out the necessary paperwork can get a single mother in Texas pre-qualified for a loan, making the process go fairly smoothly.