High-Paying Jobs for Kids

Kids with high-paying jobs are a rarity, but for the child and family with the drive to make money and have fun, high-paying jobs can be found for children from less than a year old through adulthood. These jobs normally require a high level of commitment by not only the child but his parents and other family members as well. With many children vying for the same high-paying positions, competition for some of these jobs is fierce.


Children's acting is a competitive field that requires parents tote their child from audition to audition without any guarantee of income. Landing an acting gig for a movie or television series is not easy, but the pay for these jobs can be enough to skyrocket a child's yearly income. Many child stars have become multimillionaires by the time they reach adulthood. Without major parental guidance, child actors can end up following in the footsteps of other stars who found themselves in prison, as drug addicts or financially in ruins. Securing an agent will help a child and his parents when getting auditions and throughout the hiring process.


Child models appear in many venues, from magazines to billboards to promotional materials. Modeling, like acting, is a demanding venture for child and parents alike. If the child is not lucky enough to be spotted in a mall or win a mail-in modeling contest, parents will spend a large amount of time sending professional head shots to modeling agencies. Once an agency accepts the child as a client, finding a modeling job can still take more time than most are willing to dedicate. Children who do land modeling positions can earn a good deal of money along with free clothing, toys or other items they are modeling.

Computer Work

Children who have a high level of skill in coding or graphic design can find themselves with paying clients from around town to around the world. Some children take to computers easily and even teach themselves tasks that businesses are willing to pay for. Children can start out offering services to friends and family, which not only provides experience but also helps build a portfolio to present to potential clients. The child should set up a webpage with links to live work for others to browse. Computer programming and graphic design can both find room in a child's life around school and other childhood obligations.


A child entrepreneur may not immediately bring in a large amount of money, but there are many child entrepreneurs who make a large amount of money before they turn 18. Whether their business makes money on its own or the child finds a buyer for the business, there are many ways for a child's business to bring in money. Both online and in-person businesses can remain viable as children attend school with the assistance of parents or even employees, depending on the size and type of business the child has started.