Help for Disabled People Who Can't Afford Home Computers

Help for Disabled People Who Can't Afford Home Computers
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Technology is a necessary gateway that many mostly take for granted today. However, for the disabled who cannot afford it or need necessary adaptive equipment, a new computer can be vital to provide a sense of independence. Federal, state and local organizations provide direct donations of computers and equipment to schools or individuals for use by disabled Americans. In some cases, organizations provide information that will help you either apply for grants or attain the necessary technology. There are a great deal of resources available for disabled individuals just waiting to be accessed.


Computers4Kids is an organization that provides computers to low income families, children and needy candidates who otherwise would not be able to own one. There are several chapters throughout the United States, but because each organization functions at a local level, you must check with the specific entity to verify services. Typically, requests must be made in writing, and a request form is available online.

Computer Recycling Center

Computer Recycling Center (CRC) provides refurbished computers to homebound disabled people by working in tandem with city agencies. Volunteers at CRC work to link people in need with the equipment, which is attained by donations from members of the community. CRC is located in northern California, but it does ship equipment--shipping charges may apply, but there are limited waivers for shipping. Visit the organization's website for more information on how to qualify and become an applicant.

The Beaumont Foundation of America

The Beaumont Foundation of America allows you to apply for a grant for your technological needs. It assists in providing many grants for computers to disabled individuals throughout the U.S. To request eligibility information and an application for a computer, visit the foundation's website.


Through the Computer/Electronic Accommodations Program (CAP), you can inquire about assistive technology for your home computer; it also may direct you to resources for computer needs. CAP mainly provides the assistive technology for those with disabilities. It also assists with employment help and partners with IT professionals. This is a good place to start whether you have the new computer yet or not.

Government Grants

Be sure to add the federal government to your list of resources. provides a wealth of information to get you started on your search for a grant for home technology or a directly donated computer.