Health Care Options for Those With Low Income in Florida

If you are one of the large number of unemployed Floridians, you might want to explore the options you have to get health care for yourself and your family. Health care programs for people with low incomes require you to be a Florida resident with few assets.

Florida Blue

Florida Blue is a health care plan that is for low income individuals or families. It offers insurance plans for you if you are an individual or family under age 65 and if you are a Medicare Eligible Individual. It also provides you with dental benefits and life insurance. It encourages healthy living with health programs and health and wellness resources, too. For instance, it gives you disease management tools, research about vaccinations, and health coaching. There is also care consulting available, which helps you understand what your condition means, find out what your options are, and compare them.

Florida Kid Care

Florida Kid Care might be ideal for you if you have an income but cannot afford health care for your family. It is for families who have income limits that are up to twice the federal poverty level. Medicaid for Children is one of its programs; it is entirely free. It is for low income households with children under age 18. Children's Medical Services Network is a program that is for children with special health care needs. It supplies aid for children with physical and behavioral health problems. Florida Healthy Kids is a program for children ages five through 18. MediKids covers children who are ages one through four. All of the programs require a monthly premium of $15 to $20, except Medicaid which is free in 2010.


The Florida Department of Children and Families provides health care for low income families with children, children only, pregnant women, non-citizens for emergencies, the aged and disabled. Children under the age of 18 and their families may be eligible if their household has assets of less than $2,000. There are also specific income limits that depend on the size of the family and ages of the children. Children under the age of 19 may be eligible if their household meets the income requirements. Pregnant women can typically get approval for medicaid. If they have an income above the limit, they might qualify for the Medically Needy Program. Pregnant women who are not citizens should look into the Emergency Medicaid for Aliens program. Low income individuals who are older than 65 or disabled should apply for aid if they need help paying medical bills too. If you are applying, go to Access Florida to find an application.