Will a Health Insurance Plan Cover Dental Emergencies in a Hospital?

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Dealing with dental care in a hospital emergency room is complicated at best. While polices vary, emergencies involving facial trauma or bone-related diseases sometimes are covered by a health policy. Facial tissue structure or oral cavity trauma often are treated as medical events, for instance. Injuries to your teeth more commonly are covered by dental insurance plans, depending on your benefits.


A February 2012 "CBS News" article highlighted a significant trend in the number of people substituting emergency room dental care for routine preventative treatments. In particular, people with no or poor dental coverage don't get periodic dental cleanings and treatment. Some people simply don't like going to the dentist. Instead, they wait until emergencies or pain set in. In some cases, government-funded and private health policies do cover these emergencies. Often, they do not. This reality creates a costly trip to the ER.