Does Health Insurance Cover Dental?

Does Health Insurance Cover Dental?
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Health insurance is a valuable resource for many working adults across the country. Although it can be relatively easy not to think about the usefulness of this insurance in times of good health, the mounting costs of medical bills will quickly bring the worth of these financial protections into sharp focus.

Although dental work may not be the first thing that comes into mind when it comes to health insurance, maintaining solid oral health is critically important to general wellbeing. That being said, it is not uncommon for some health insurance plans to exclude dental coverage from their offerings. At times, individuals may be forced to pay a premium in order to attach dental coverage to their medical insurance. Understanding the fine details of your medical insurance will help you better assess how your insurance premiums are being used and how you can incorporate dental coverage into your current plan. If you are looking to obtain an insurance policy covering dental treatment, you can do so using a few simple steps.


  • Your health insurance may include dental coverage, although it will likely result in a higher monthly premium. That being said, purchasing a dental coverage plan will help you cover the cost of dental visits.

Which Health Insurance Covers Dental?

If you are curious as to whether or not your current health insurance covers dental work, your best strategy is to review the plan you have purchased through your employer or the federal marketplace. Generally speaking, your health insurance plan should explicitly state the type of coverage you have purchased and the specific deductible/network options associated with it. In many situations, an employer will offer their employee a series of tiered health insurance plans, with more expensive packages including additional coverage options such as dental insurance. More often than not, basic health insurance packages do not include dental coverage.

Incorporating Dental Coverage Into Your Health Insurance

Whether you have private or employer-based health insurance, you will likely be able to pay for dental coverage as you see fit. Marketplace dental coverage is available and can be explored as part of your application for government health insurance. It is important, however, to understand precisely what your dental insurance will be paying for.

Your current health insurance will likely offer coverage for dental operations and procedures that are considered essential to your health. This likely means that regular checkups won't be incorporated unless you have purchased dental coverage. The distinction between dental-related offerings included in health insurance and dental coverage is important to explore, as you may discover that you are more interested in the protections offered by your current health insurance plan rather than purchasing additional offerings.

As always, research and analysis can help you create the perfect coverage that matches your budget and expectations. If you have any questions about dental coverage and your current plan, you can discuss these with your employer's human resources department or a representative for the federal healthcare marketplace.