How to Get Grocery Coupons Sent to Your Phone

Smart phones are capable of many things including saving you money in the checkout line. Their screens are capable of displaying coupon bar codes that cashiers can easily scan. There are applications on two of the major smart phone operating systems, Android and iOS, that organize your coupons and inform you of new ones you may have missed. Coupons sent directly to cellphones can help even those who dread using paper coupons save money.

Download one of the many applications available on the Android Marketplace or at iTunes. You can download multiple applications if your phone has storage to support each one.

Sign up for coupons through one of the websites that provide text message coupons. This option is perfect for those without smart phones.


Sign up for text message coupons through your local stores. These coupons are normally not a bar code and are only valid for a short period of time.


Include your cellphone number in your store card profiles. Grocery stores that have a reward card often deliver special coupons to users' cellphones.



  • Check your applications before going grocery shopping to look for new coupons.