How to Find Grocery Auctions

How to Find Grocery Auctions
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Grocery auctions offer a savvy way to save money on food and household supplies. Items sold at grocery auctions include surplus inventory, but they also may consist of damaged or dented products or those nearing their expiration date. If you want to pay a fraction of the money you spend at the grocery store, find a grocery auction near your home and start bidding.

Start your grocery auction search by visiting the National Auctioneers Association website. Almost 5,000 professional auctioneers list the dates, times, and types of auctions that they have planned on the NAA website. Search in your city or state to find a local grocery auction.

Call local auctioneers that you find listed in your phone book to inquire about potential grocery auctions.

Look in the classifieds in your local newspaper to see if there are any grocery auctions scheduled. Check online classified ads such as Craigslist.

Search for wholesale grocery auctions online if you cannot find any local grocery auctions. You may bid online for large quantities of food items and household supplies through companies that sell commercial surplus inventory and government surplus assets.


  • When making financial transactions online, verify the legitimacy of the company before providing your financial information.