How to Get Free Groceries Without All of the Gimmicks

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Many families have found that through the use of coupons, it is easy to net very cheap or free groceries each week from the grocery store. Many grocery stores try to get you to purchase a meal deal or another such gimmick that makes you believe that you have gotten something for free, however, these "sales" are typically full priced items used to get you in the store. Avoid the gimmicks and create your own free grocery items through the use of coupons.

Request free samples and coupons from your favorite food and beverage manufactures. Typically, on their websites they will have a "promotions" tab or a place to request free samples. Most free samples come with coupons included in the package. This will net you additional, albeit small amounts of free food.

Collect coupons from internet sites, such as,, and Additional coupons can be found in the Sunday paper of major metropolitan areas, as well as internet clipping services such as We Clip You Save. Be sure to clip all the coupons for items that you use, and avoid clipping ones for items that you do not. Often times, clipping coupons for items you do not use leads to overspending.

Watch your grocery stores' sales fliers and shelf tags to note when your favorite items are on sale. Wait to purchase the item with a coupon when the item is on sale, for the lowest price. Many times, the combination of the coupon with the lowest possible sales price will net a free or very cheap item.


  • Know your favorite grocery store's coupon policy to help make your free food purchases easier. In many stores, there are pre-set days or times where coupons are doubled, and sometimes tripled. With the doubling and tripling of coupons, free items are much easier to find.


  • Just because something is free does not mean it is good for you or your family. Be sure to check the labels, as well as expiration dates, on the free food purchased to avoid expired or unhealthy foods.