How to Sell Your Own Park Model

A park model home is a type of manufactured home or mobile home. Often, the dimensions are smaller as these homes are typically used seasonally. Most are approximately ten to twelve feet wide and range in length from thirty to forty-plus feet. Park models, like mobile homes, are personal property and therefore, depreciate in value over time. Selling a park model home is more about selling its location than the actual structure.

Find comparable homes. Go online to real-estate listing sites such as MSN Real Estate, Yahoo Real Estate, and Realtor. Search for the same size and floor plan park model homes in your area currently for sale. Add all the comparable prices together and divide by the number of comparables to get your asking price.

Clean the interior and exterior. Vacuum the carpets and mop the tile or laminate floors. Dust all surfaces and wipe down all counters. Pressure wash the vinyl lap siding. Remove any weeds and plant some colorful flowers along the entry walkway.

Stage the decor. Remove all personal items such as keepsakes and photos. Look through staging magazines to get an idea of how a properly staged home should appear.

List the park model for sale. Place "for sale" ads in the park model community newsletter and local newspaper, and on the Internet at free listing sites. Upload photos as well as a list of nearby entertainment facilities, shopping, and restaurants. Include the floor-plan details: number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and the width and length of the park model.


  • Disclose any lot fees and/or maintenance fees associated with the property to any potential buyer.