What Is GRFA Section 8?

The Georgia Residential Finance Authority (GRFA), which is now known as the Georgia Housing and Finance Authority, and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, or HUD, are governmental agencies focused on making affordable housing available for low-income residents in the state of Georgia.

Both of these agencies provide assistance for monthly rent subsidies for low-income individuals and families. These rent assistance programs, including HUD's Section 8 assistance program, subsidize rent payments for public housing or eligible private rental units.


  • Both GRFA, now GHFA, and Section 8 provide affordable housing for low-income households.

Georgia Housing Finance Authority

The Georgia Housing Finance Authority is one of the public housing agencies within the state of Georgia responsible for administering housing assistance available through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The GHFA specifically administers HUD's Rental Assistance Program within the state, which offers rental assistance to low-income families who cannot meet the cost of monthly rent. Program participants pay a maximum of 30 percent of their gross monthly income toward their rent, the rest of the cost subsidized by the GHFA.

HUD Section 8

The Section 8 Assistance for Public Housing Relocation/Replacement program is a program of U.S. HUD which provides housing vouchers to public housing residents forced to move because of renovation or demolition of their current public housing residence. Much like GHFA rental assistance, HUD's Section 8 program covers a family's rental payment beyond 30 percent of the family's household income. Georgia's Department of Community Affairs is the HUD public housing agency responsible for administering Section 8 housing vouchers within the state.

Section 8 Eligibility

Individuals eligible for HUD Section 8 assistance must already be residents of low-income housing which has been slated for renovation or demolition. Section 8 vouchers are distributed as part of the demolition/renovation project, so low-income residents do not need to file an application.

Persons eligible for GHFA rental assistance include families of two or more, or individuals older than 62 years of age who meet federal income limit guidelines. Those interested in rental assistance through the GHFA must file an application for assistance through the Georgia Residential Finance Authority.

Using Vouchers

Families and individuals who receive a housing voucher through U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development programs, including Section 8 assistance, can use the voucher toward the rental of any property meeting the requirements of the program awarding the voucher. Eligible rental housing units for Section 8 assistance includes other publicly subsidized housing or private units which meet Section 8 quality standards.

The Georgia Department of Community Affairs, as the state's Section 8 public housing agency, must approve the use of a voucher on a rental unit. Once approved, the monthly rent is subsidized by the public housing agency, which sends payment directly to a landlord to subsidize a family's monthly rent bill.