Grants for Veterans' Memorials

Veterans' memorials are erected in order to honor veterans and those that have perished in war. Both countries and states have established foundations to grant funds to groups wishing to restore or erect new veteran's memorials. Many of these programs will pay for a portion of the project. Memorials have been around since the American Civil War.


Many men of service have not only died in wars, but have also come home after serving their country. The gift that these men and women have given to their country needs to be remembered. One way to remember their efforts is through the construction of a memorial. These memorials celebrate national spirit and heritage. They are usually pieces of art and sculpture that enrich the landscape of an area.


Veterans' memorials often remember either all veterans or veterans from a certain war or background. Some states (Oregon and Connecticut) and countries have either government or local groups that raise funds to provide grants for the building and restoration of these memorials.


The state of Oregon's program will cover up to 80 percent of associated costs for a construction or restoration program for veterans' memorials. The funds are raised by the state's lottery and groups must apply to gain the funds. The United Kingdom has a program that will contribute 50 percent of the cost or up to 10,000 pounds for projects involving the maintenance and upkeep of veterans' memorials. Recently $17,600 was awarded for a project in Oregon. Much funding for the construction of new memorials is done through the fund raising of local veterans groups. Funds are also being raised for a new one million dollar memorial in Las Vegas.


Veterans and war memorials have been erected in the honor of our veterans and enlisted men since the civil war in America. Memorial Day was established in 1866 to honor veterans and Veterans Day was established in 1918 to honor the end of World War I. One of the most famous veterans' memorials was completed in 1982, the Vietnam Veterans' Memorial Wall.


Grant money is normally given for one of two projects: (1) the construction of a new memorial or (2) to projects that maintain and restore older memorials. Memorials are constructed to honor different types of veterans, such as women veterans, veterans of certain wars, or veterans of certain battles.