Grants for Retired People

Grants for Retired People
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Several federal agencies provide grants to retired people aged 60 years and older. These grants help low-income seniors most vulnerable to increases in daily living expenses to pay for rent, home repairs, and food. The Department of Housing and Urban Development has determined low-income limit levels for every county across the U.S. Your income cannot typically exceed 50-80 percent of your area's median income level to qualify for help.

USDA Home Repair Grant

The U.S. Department of Agriculture provides home repair grants to seniors aged 62 years of age or older. The senior can receive up to $7,500 to correct health and safety deficiencies on their properties. The senior can also use the grant money to make upgrades. The homeowner's income cannot exceed 50 percent of the area's median income to qualify for a grant. The home must be located in a USDA designated rural area of the country for the senior to qualify for help. If the home is sold within three years of receiving the grant award, the money may have to be repaid.

Senior Housing Grant

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development provides rental assistance to low-income seniors. To qualify for a federally-assisted housing unit, the senior must be aged 62 years or older and have income at or below 80 percent of the area's median income. Seniors who live in public housing pay 30 percent of their income toward rent. HUD pays the remaining portion of rent. Senior public housing programs typically offer supportive services in addition to rental assistance. Service coordinators arrange on-site meal programs, exercise classes and transportation services for residents.

Free Tax Counseling

The U.S. Department of Treasury provides grants to organizations that offer free tax preparation services to the elderly. To apply for a grant you must be a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Organizations that serve seniors aged 60 and older qualify for a grant. The grant reimburses volunteers for their transportation and meal expenses. During the application process, the organization is evaluated on how it plans to provide federal tax return assistance and their use of the electronic filing service.

Native American Nutrition Services

Under the Recovery Act of 2009, the Administration on Aging provided $3 million for Nutrition Services to Native Americans. The goal of this program is to provide home delivered meals to senior Native Americans and their caregivers. The program anticipates providing nearly 400,000 meals. Native American seniors who are aged 60 and older are eligible to participate in this program. The program also provides nutrition screening, education and assessment if necessary. Meal home delivery services also provide caregivers the time to maintain their own health and well-being.