Grants For Permanent Legal Residents

Historically, America has welcomed foreigners and given them a chance to achieve things they never could have achieved elsewhere. Things are no different today, despite the troublesome economy, which has caused hard times for Americans and others across the globe. Despite that reality, grant money is available to individuals who are not American citizens. Individuals with legal permanent residence status can take advantage of certain grants and be one step closer to achieving their ambitions.

Graduate Programs

Graduate school costs have steadily risen over the years and there is no sign of the trend ending. Although tuition costs discourage many from pursuing a degree, grant programs that target graduate students exist, and legal immigrants can qualify for many of them. One such program is the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation's Graduate Arts Award, which assists students pursuing a degree in the performing or visual arts. Additionally, grants are offered by the American Association of University Women. These programs are open to female permanent residents and give varying amounts of funding for graduate study.

State-Sponsored Programs

Various states have programs to help their residents attend school or even start a new business. Regarding educational grants, states aim to encourage residents to achieve their educational goals. The Cal Grants program is offered by the government of California and gives varied amounts to students enrolled in college. The program is not only open to American citizens but permanent residents who live in the state as well. Similarly, permanent residents who live in Pennsylvania have the Pennsylvania State Grant Program, which gives between $600 and $4,120. And in Iowa, small business owners can take advantage of the Targeted Small Business Assistance Program. To qualify for this program, however, permanent residents must be female, a minority or have a disability.

Federal Government Programs

Permanent legal residents can take advantage of federal government-sponsored educational grant programs. Recipients can use that money to attend any accredited college, university or professional program in the country or an American territory, such as Puerto Rico or the U.S. Virgin Islands. One such program is the Pell Grant, which gives funds to students in financial need. Another option for permanent residents is the Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education Grant. As the name suggests the program supports those preparing to become teachers with up to $16,000. It aims to improve the skill set of America’s teachers.

Nursing Programs

Several nursing programs give money to student nurses. This assistance is necessary given that a nursing degree can cost upwards of $30,000 at a public school and more than $80,000 at a private nursing school. The Health Resources and Services Administration Nursing Scholarship Program, for example, is administered by the federal government and aims to assist qualifying students enrolled in an accredited program. It is available to permanent residents. The American Academy of Nursing also gives money to nursing students with permanent resident status. The organization has many grant programs, one being the Claire M. Fagan Fellowship. Through this fellowship, selected candidates receive $120,000 plus a $5,000 stipend.