Grants for Mound Systems in Wisconsin

by Jane Meggitt ; Updated July 27, 2017

If you're a homeowner or small business owner in Wisconsin with a failing septic system, you might be eligible for a state grant to replace your current system with a mounded one. While formally known as the "Private Onsite Wastewater Treatment System Grant Program," it's usually referred to as the Wisconsin Fund. Grants are administered through the state's Department of Safety and Professional Services, with counties handling applications. The Wisconsin Fund grant covers all types of septic system replacement, but those requiring mounds receive greater funding since such systems cost more.

Grant Eligibility

Eligible residents or small business owners must meet income requirements, and the home or business can't fall within an area with sewer service available. Only principal residences qualify for grant eligibility. Small business owners must reside on the property, as is the case with farm properties. Failing septic systems installed after July 1, 1978, do not qualify for the grant. If you meet the general qualifications, a county sanitary representative will inspect the site and verify the septic failure.

Mounded System

The Wisconsin Fund's grants for a mounded system depend on the type of mounding required and the size of the dwelling. In 2014, an eligible homeowner with a four-bedroom house could receive up to $4,775 to install a high bedrock mound, while a homeowner installing a slowly permeable mound would receive just $50 less.

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