Grants for Major Dental Procedures

Providing proper care for your mouth and teeth is important, and sometimes this requires major dental procedures or surgery such as a root canal or bridgework. Unfortunately, some of these procedures can cost thousands of dollars, and if you don't have dental coverage or other insurance, you might be unable to afford to protect your mouth. Grants to fund various dental procedures may be available through community organizations aimed at providing low-cost dental care.

Minnesota Dental Foundation

The Minnesota Dental Foundation offers grant funding to outreach programs providing a variety of dental services and procedures to under-served populations in Minnesota. Community groups awarded 38 grants to various community groups during 2010, and the foundation has awarded $169,000 in grant funding since 2002. Minnesota organizations that have earned grant funding through the Minnesota Dental Foundation include Central Lakes College, Children's Dental Services, Ronald McDonald House Charities, Smiles Change Lives and the Red River Valley Dental Access Project. Grant programs available through the foundation include Give Kids a Smile, which provides restorative dental care for children from low-income families, and Community Outreach, which funds clinics providing emergency dental procedures to low-income patients.

Washington Women in Need

The Washington Women in Need provides grant funding to poor women living in Washington state for education, mental health care, health insurance premiums and physical health care, including dental procedures. WWIN's Physical, Dental, Vision and Hearing program awards up to $3,000 over a six-month period to eligible female applicants for many different types of medical procedures, including major dental restorative procedures, from the dental professional of their choice. Teeth whitening, braces or teeth implants are procedures that cannot be covered by grant funding through Washington Women in Need.

Kansas Community Dental Health Grants

The Delta Dental Health Plan of Kansas Foundation coordinates the Kansas Community Dental Health Grant program, which funds programs that hope to provide major dental procedures to low-income children and senior citizens living in Kansas. Public and governmental entities, as well as charitable organizations with 501(c)(3) IRS status, can apply for up to $10,000 in funding to be spent on dental equipment, Xylitol wafers and other supplies used during major dental procedures.

Other Grant Sources

Many other organizations are involved with providing low cost, grant-funded health care to those who cannot afford to pay for necessary major dental procedures. Aid for major dental procedures may be available through your employer, especially if your employer offers a company medical and dental care plan. Grant funding for low-income individuals who need a root canal or other major dental surgery may be found through local organizations, including charities and government-funded non-profits, focused on providing low cost health care to the community. Contact local hospitals and clinics in your area to obtain more information about local organizations offering dental aid.