Grants for Tubal Ligation Reversal

Women who have a tubal ligation often find themselves regretting the decision later on. A tubal ligation is a permanent form of birth control, but there is a procedure known as a tubal reversal that can restore a woman's fallopian tubes. Women who are interested in a tubal reversal fear that the procedure is too costly for them to afford. Thanks to grants, paying the cost of a reversal is possible.

Reasons To Get a Reversal

Women may have many reasons for wanting a tubal reversal. In some cases this may be the death of a child or re-marrying.

Available Grants For Tubal Reversal

Financial support groups are available to help women who want their tubal ligation reversed pay for the cost of reversal surgery. These groups include Fit to Be Untied, Vision of Faith, The Lord's Heritage and Blessed Arrows. If you need help funding your reversal, you can sign up to any of these funding groups and fill out an application requesting help with the cost.

Grant Funding Contact Information

Information for Fit To Be Untied is located online at or via mail at Fit To Be Untied, Co. 7 Chapman Court North Haven, CT 06473. The Lord's Heritage Ministry can be found at To sign up for the Blessed Arrows funding group, Vision of Faith funding information is available at

Tubal Reversal Application Information

An application for reversal funding may ask typical questions such as your name, address, date of birth and phone number. More information that you may need to provide will include your reasons for wanting a tubal reversal, whether or not you have chosen a tubal reversal doctor and the amount of grant money you will need to fund your surgery.

Funding Source Of Tubal Reversal Grants

The funding groups mentioned ask that members on their waiting list provide a $20 to $25 a month payment in order to stay on the waiting list. This monthly fee goes towards the funding of a tubal reversal for people who are on the waiting list. Donations from people, business and other organizations are also accepted via check or money order. You can also use PayPal to make your monthly donation.