Government Grants for Caring for Elderly at Home

When it comes to getting grants for elderly care at home, there are a number of excellent programs and grants to choose from. Some programs offering grants and funds for elderly care at home are state operated while others are federally operated and can be used to improve the quality of elderly care. Grants are available for medical costs and expenses, for help with food and for help with costs associated with clothing and shelter. Some grants offer in-home nursing care financial assistance as well as money for home health aide services.


Medicare is a federal program that offers grants for the coverage of medical expenses and prescriptions. Some personal and custodial care needs are covered and are described in the Medicare policy given to eligible individuals. This program is open to people age 65 and over and to people younger than 65 years who have a qualifying disability. If you have an end-stage renal disease, you qualify for Medicare regardless of your age. Medicare can be applied for by submitting an application and all of the documentation required. This program helps cover fees for hospital inpatient care, skilled nursing facilities, hospice and home health care as well as outpatient treatments. Preventative services to ensure optimal health also are covered. A prescription drug plan is offered with the program, too.


Medicaid is also a program that can assist with elderly care at home costs. The program is operated by state and federal government and helps to pay for medical expenses for those who qualify and fall within certain income guidelines. Occasionally, home health care services are covered. This program can be applied for by contacting your state’s Medicaid agency. Your income and assets will determine your eligibility, and you may be required to submit documentation for proof of income and residency. This is an excellent program that can help reduce the cost of prescriptions, doctor’s visits and some nursing/home health aide visits.

Older Americans Act

The Older Americans Act is a federally based program specifically created to offer the elderly community-based and at-home services to help the elderly maintain their independence for as long as possible. Local and state agencies offer grants and funding through the Aging Network, which then offers nutritional programs for at-home elderly individuals, programs for Native Americans and programs for elderly who have low incomes. In-home services are offered to elderly individuals who require extra care, and income eligibility is not pre-defined. The program is aimed at people who are 60 years of age and older.

Federal Grants for Minorities

Some elder care grants are offered to minorities for long-term care. For instance, the Elder Care Initiative Long Term Care Grant Program is offered to eligible Native Americans who need extra funds for food, clothing, medical expenses and shelter. The grant is offered to 12 qualified individuals and is associated with an award ceiling of $75,000. This and many other elder care grants can be identified on the Federal Grant website,

Rural Assistance Center

A visit to the Rural Assistance website,, will reveal a number of government grants for caring for the elderly at home. Grants are available based upon the states that grants are offered in, and elder care grants can be search for by examining topics on aging by state or by sponsor. Each grant description explains what is covered by the grant and who is eligible. Some states have elderly care grants that help supplement income in order to cover basic needs, such as shelter, clothing, medical expenses and food. Full information on how to apply for the grants also is offered on the website.