Goodwill Clothing Donation Checklist

Goodwill Clothing Donation Checklist
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Spend a day cleaning out all of the closets in your house. Clean closets will give you a less cluttered feeling, and more space to store new clothes -- or clothes that never fit in the closet to begin with. Rather than throw the old clothes away, take them to your local Goodwill. Goodwill sells them in retail locations and uses the money to fund programs for people with special needs.


The first thing you need to do is review the clothing you will be donating to Goodwill. Check for any rips, tears or damage that may make the item unwearable or unwanted. You will also want to check for any stains on the clothing. Goodwill does not take any clothing that is damaged, stained or worn out.


Before donating your clothing, run them through the washer to make sure they are 100 percent clean. If any of the clothing is stained, try your best to remove the stains when washing the items. Fold items neatly after they have been washed.

Box Up

Find a clean box that you can put the clothing in. Do not forget to make a list of the items you are putting into the box. For example, five shirts, six pants and two hats. You will need this list when claiming your donations on your annual income taxes. Seal the box with packing tape and label the outside "Goodwill - Clothing."

Drop Off

Take the box to your local Goodwill drop off location. Do not forget to ask the attendant for a receipt. If there is no one attending the drop off location, make plans to come back and drop off the clothing. Do not leave boxes outside the door. If you do, the box may get damaged, the items stolen or bugs may get inside of the box.