How to Give a First-Time Home Buyer Seminar

How to Give a First-Time Home Buyer Seminar
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First-time home buyers need a lot of advice. From choosing a lender to getting a property inspection, new faces to the real estate market can benefit from informative first-time home buyer seminars. If you have some real estate and mortgage knowledge already, you can organize and design your seminar to help any new prospective purchaser make an informed decision.

Select a location with comfortable seating that you can secure for at least an hour.

Advertise your seminar by word of mouth, e-mail, fliers and a website, if possible.

Write the introduction of your presentation, which should explain the basics of how buying a home works: getting approved for a loan with a lender, choosing a property, making a down payment, paying closing costs, and other basics that apply to most home purchases. Include average home prices in the area of the seminar to give your audience a financial framework with which to understand the rest of the seminar.

Organize your presentation by topic, devoting no more than five minutes to each subject. Some relevant topics may include selecting a real estate agent, picking a type of loan, identifying a "good" interest rate, how to check your credit report, and resources for finding an affordable property inspector.

Include a "Mistakes to Avoid" section, which will detail easy blunders your first-time home buyers may encounter. This section may include making too low of an offer on the home, getting denied for a home loan because of a bad credit score, or picking a low mortgage rate with exorbitant closing costs.

Outline your presentation on note cards to assist you while you transition between the different points.

Wait to begin the seminar until attendees have stopped entering the room so that you do not encounter disturbances.

Welcome the audience warmly, with a smile, and ask for a few volunteers to tell the audience why they chose to attend.

Begin your introduction with a loud, clear speaking voice and continue in this manner throughout the presentation.


  • If you have access to technology in the seminar room, consider using visual presentations with a laptop and projector, such as PowerPoint. Stand up straight during your presentation. Dress in business attire. Bring more fliers than you think you will need. Smile.


  • If you charge for your event, you may need to purchase a permit from the owner of the location. Noisy locations can ruin an otherwise effective seminar. Keep in mind that attendees may know nothing about the housing market, real estate or mortgages, so treat their knowledge level with respect. Take one or two questions per section, but save a few minutes at the end for an open question session.