How to Get a Free Home Makeover

How to Get a Free Home Makeover
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Have you ever wished that someone could just show up to "rescue" your home from its current state? That might be possible if you don't mind that person showing up with cameras in tow. Free home makeover shows have been staples of both network television and streaming services for the past 20 years.

Applying to be on a show with free home makeover giveaways could help you to finally get the home of your dreams without actually moving. You might even get to spend time with superstars like Ty Pennington or Chip and Joanna Gaines. So, how can you get a free home makeover? Take a look at some options that anyone can try.

Apply to Be on Free Home Makeover Shows

The easiest way to apply directly to be on a show with free home makeover giveaways is to focus on the network that's most famous for this type of show. Luckily, HGTV actually has a special portal where you can apply to be on more than a dozen shows offering free home makeover giveaways in different parts of the country. You can browse HGTV's "casting calls" here.

If you were a fan of the "Trading Spaces" designers, you should know that HGTV is now the network that airs Ty Pennington's latest show. Does Ty Pennington have a new show? Yes. "Ty Breaker" premiered on HGTV in January 2021.

Have you always wanted to be on "Fixer Upper" with Chip and Joanna Gaines? Their new Magnolia network accepts applications for upcoming seasons through the email address [email protected]. If there's a free home makeover show that you love on a specific network or streaming service, just search the name of the show with the keyword "casting call" online to see if you can apply to be on the show.

If you're willing to go on any show, you can also try using the "TV/Film/Video" category on Craigslist in your local area to look for casting calls. Just be sure to watch out for scams. No reputable producer or network would ever ask someone to pay money to audition to be on a reality show.

Does HGTV Pay for Renovations?

Yes, HGTV covers renovation costs if you are selected to appear on a free home makeover show. Just be sure you know what you're potentially getting into if you agree to let a professional team transform your home. The home improvements made to your home may increase the value of your home by a significant amount. If your property taxes increase as a result, you'll be the one obligated to cover those costs for as long as you own the home.

You should also remember that the show's design team will have total creative control over your free home makeover. That means you may not love the decisions they make. However, your contract may strip you of the right to intervene once those papers are signed.

Find a Charity Offering Free Home Repairs

While most people think of Habitat for Humanity as an organization that builds new homes, the charity actually provides renovations for homeowners in need. Factors like your level of need, location and willingness to get your hands dirty help to determine eligibility. Rebuilding Together is another charitable organization that conducts home repairs for people in need. Both organizations have local affiliates and offices that you can reach out to when looking for free home improvements.

You can also ask around town about local churches that provide "repair ministries" where people lend their time and skills to making homes livable for people who need a little help.

Utilize Government Programs

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) can be a link to state-level assistance programs for free or inexpensive home repairs. Funding is often available for homeowners who qualify. Go to the department's website ( to search for "home repair assistance" in your state.