How to Get a Free Home Makeover

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  • Ask a friend to nominate you for a free makeover. Your friends and family might be able to tell an inspiring story to show producers about you and your family that will compel them to select your home for a makeover.

    Many non-profit organization have free home renovation programs for the elderly and disabled. Ask hospital social workers and local senior citizens centers about the existence of these programs.


  • Though the improvements to your home may come free of charge, the county, city or federal government may increase your tax bill. Seek the counsel of a tax attorney or accountant if you have concerns about increased tax liability.

    If granted a free makeover, prepare to give creative control to the person doing the makeover. Rules may specify that the person supervising the makeover has free reign to pick colors and décor.

Perhaps you know the scenario: A crew of contractors descends on a family living in a dilapidated home with mix-matched décor. Just a few days later, workers help reveal the completely made-over home to the excited family who live in it. Have you ever wondered how you could become the recipient of a free home makeover? Follow a few steps to reveal numerous opportunities to apply to receive a free home makeover.

Watch home makeover shows on networks such as HGTV, Style, Fine Living, TLC or DIY. Makeover shows on these networks often look to their viewers to volunteer for makeovers. Decide which of the shows you would like to try to appear on. In some cases, your home or family may need to fit certain criteria to qualify for the makeover.

Visit the website of the shows that you have an interest in participating in. They sometimes publish casting calls. Consult websites such as “Audition Free” to find out about casting calls and auditions for home renovation shows that offer free makeovers. Check for postings about casting calls at home improvement stores in your area. Producers know that homeowners who need work done on their home visit these stores frequently to get estimates or home renovation and decoration ideas.

Download rules, eligibility information and application forms for the shows that you have interest in. Examine the rules and eligibility well to determine if the show fits your needs before filling out the application form.

Follow the directions carefully when filling out the application form. Attach any necessary information show producers request, such as photos or video of your family, copies of social security cards, birth certificates and information about your criminal and credit background or financial obligations. Send the application in.



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