How to Get a TransUnion Credit Score

How to Get a TransUnion Credit Score. You can request a copy of your TransUnion credit score once a year for free, according to federal law. To speed up the request process, TransUnion uses to handle all requests.

Get a Copy of Your Credit Report From TransUnion

Visit the AnnualCreditReport website to request your free credit score (see Resources below). can provide you with a copy of your TransUnion credit report.

Select your current state of residence, and click the button to request a report on the front page of the website. You will then be asked to fill out a form with your contact information and Social Security number.

Answer the identity verification questions listed by the website. They will all cover your credit history. If there are any problems confirming your identity, you will be asked to mail verification of your identity. Problems verifying your identity do not necessarily mean that there are problems on your credit report.

Go over your credit report immediately if you receive it online. You will receive it by mail if you were asked to send in additional identity verification, typically within 15 days.

Go through the TransUnion website to dispute any errors on your credit report (see Resources below). TransUnion must respond to your dispute within 30 days, according to law. You will be able to track the status of your dispute online. You should file any disputes immediately.


  • If you find that you have been the victim of fraud or identity theft, the AnnualCreditReport website will allow you to put a fraud alert on your credit report. You should get a copy of your TransUnion credit score every year, in order to check that there are no errors and to make sure that you are on track for building good credit. TransUnion is obligated to provide you one free copy every year.


  • If you have already requested a TransUnion credit report in the past year and ask for additional reports, you may be charged a fee. If you get copies of your credit score from all three major credit reporting agencies (TransUnion, Experian and Equifax), there may be differences between the reports, because most creditors report only to one of the three agencies.

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