How to Get a Sponsorship for Motorcycle Racing

How to Get a Sponsorship for Motorcycle Racing
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There's no question about it, motorcycle racing is an expensive sport. Entry fees, protective gear, motorcycle accessories and replacement parts all add up to a hefty cost if you have to pay for it yourself. Fortunately, there are businesses out there that are eager to sponsor all or part of a rider's costs, enabling him to travel to bigger races and more of them. This is important for young riders who depend upon their own finances or their parents's support in order to race.

Prepare a sponsorship flier. This paper should be your introduction to potential sponsors. Although a desktop publishing program is nice, you can easily put together a flier with a couple of photos of you on your bike, some text explaining your financial need, your racing goals and a little bit about your life outside of racing. Use a photocopy machine to make as many duplicates as you need.

Canvas your community. Many young racers overlook this potential goldmine. Even if there is no motorcycle store in your town, other businesses are constantly looking for ways to give back to the community. Approach the manager of the store with a flier in your hand and tell him about your desire for sponsorship.

Explain to potential sponsors what's in it for them. Suppose the local shoe store manager is considering your request but he wants more information. Tell him that you will publish the results of your races in the local newspaper and list his name as one of your sponsors. In addition, offer to sew a patch on your racing uniform or place a sticker on your bike that advertises his store.

Contact motorcycle stores, motorcycle gear and apparel stores and mechanics that service bikes. These are good sponsors because they are already associated with the motorcycle industry and they can offer you free gear, parts or labor in exchange for putting stickers on your bike advertising their business.

Use online promotional tools to build your brand and fan base. You can set up a website and use social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Sponsors will appreciate the marketing reach you have if you have lots of Facebook friends and Twitter followers, giving them a valid business reason to sponsor you.

Go for the gold -- the really big sponsors. Although this is not advisable until you are winning some races and making a name for yourself, when that time comes, find some big sponsors to back you. As you progress through the racing circuit, you become an asset. Now is the time to contact motorcycle manufacturers and motorcycle apparel manufacturers. Almost all professional riders are sponsored and their bikes, gear, entry fees and accessories are provided free of charge from their sponsors.


  • Keep trying. Although, you may have to raise the funds in small amounts at first, as you get better, your sponsors will get bigger. You may even have them coming to you.