How to Get a Duplicate SSI Tax Form Sent

by Catherine Chase

The Social Security Administration (SSA) mails the tax form SSA-1099 to benefit recipients each January. You will receive an SSA-1042S if you are a nonresident alien. If you did not receive your tax form, or if it's lost or illegible, request a duplicate SSI tax form. You may also request a tax form for a deceased person. Fill out an online form on the SSA's website to request the replacement document. Expect the duplicate copy to arrive in about 10 days.

Go to the main website of the Social Security Administration. Click on “SSI” from the tab at the top menu.

Click on “Site Map” at the bottom of the Web page under the heading “Organizational Information.”

Click on “F” from the alphabet menu. Click on “Forms.”

Scroll down until you see the link labeled “Request a form SSA-1099/1042 (Benefit Statement) for tax or other purposes.” Click on this link.

Scroll to the bottom of the Web page and select the appropriate link to request a replacement tax form for yourself or for a deceased person.

Follow the onscreen prompts to request a replacement SSA-1099. Select a reason for why you need a new form from the pull-down menu. Provide the Social Security number, full name and date of birth. (reference 6)

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