How to Get Furniture Vouchers in NYC

by Neal Litherland
Furniture vouchers are used to get furniture for low income families.

Furniture vouchers are, as the name implies, vouchers that will allow those granted them to get furniture. These are traditionally reserved for low-income families who would not otherwise be able to afford furniture for their homes. In New York City, you need to contact the Housing Authority via social services and to apply for the vouchers by proving your need.

Contact the New York City Housing Authority. The organization's website is listed in References as the New York City government website, and on that site are contact numbers for each borough of the city.

Fill out the necessary paperwork for your voucher. The New York City furniture distribution program has to keep records for all of the furniture that's given out, and preference is given to victims of domestic abuse and those who recently moved from a homeless shelter.

Take your voucher to the location where furniture is distributed. Choose your furniture and hand over the voucher as payment for the program. Once you've used the voucher, you should have furniture to put in your home.

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