How to Fund PayPal With a Credit Card

If you have a PayPal account, you are probably aware of the convenience and safety when using it for online purchases or payments. It is a safer option than giving out your credit card information. PayPal does not share the credit card information with the companies you do business with. You can add funds to your PayPal account using your credit card rather than disclosing the account information to an outside company.

Log in to your PayPal account, which should give you an overview of your account.

Hover your cursor over the word "profile." Click on the phrase "edit or add credit card" that appears on the drop-down menu.


Select your card carrier name from the drop-down list that appears below your name.


Fill in the requested information regarding your credit card. Fill in your account number, expiration date and card verification number.


Select your billing address from the options at the bottom of the page and click "add card."


Add funds to your PayPal account with the "balance manager" option located on your account overview. Select your card and choose the option to add funds.