Fun Ways to Raise Money for a New Mommy

Fun Ways to Raise Money for a New Mommy
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Having a baby is an exciting yet anxious time for many women. When the baby has finally arrived, a number of new expenses start, including the cost of food, furniture and baby supplies. The Department of Agriculture estimates that the cost of raising a child can top $200,000 (data as of 2010).

If the baby shower hasn't covered most or all of the child's initial needs and you want to help offset these costs, brainstorm some effective yet fun ways to raise money for the new mommy.

New Mommy Raffle

Hold a raffle drive to raise money for a new mom. To generate interest in the raffle, advertise an irresistible prize, like the privilege of giving the baby its middle name (ask the mom first of course). Make rounds at the homes of your family members, friends and colleagues to collect raffle money, and add the tickets to a secure jar. Bring the raffle jar to the baby shower or a special party for the mom, collect final ticket money and then announce the winner. Gift the raffle money to the mom-to-be.

Sell "Baby Tees"

Some web services online allow you to create custom T-shirt designs from scratch, then sell them to interested parties. Create a fun T-shirt that contains a picture of the mom, the baby or both along with a witty phrase and sell them online to friends and family. You can justify charging a bit more than normal since the main purpose of the shirt is to raise money. Send a link to the "new mommy" shirt to your friends and family via e-mail. Some online services also print images and text on mugs and hats.

Mommy Blog

If you are the mom-to-be or a new mom who has already had the baby, consider starting a blog to raise money for you and your baby. You can create a blog very quickly for free using online services. Discuss your trials before, during and after the baby to draw an audience--even if it's just your personal network of friends who can relate to the trials of being a mother. It's a fun way to release some of the anxieties and stress of being a new mommy; and if your blog becomes popular, you can make money through online advertising or by selling baby related items to visitors.