How to Form a Booster Club

How to Form a Booster Club
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Booster clubs are organized by parents to support school programs or activities by giving a boost to the school's budget. Schools may have one booster club that supports all the programs or activities, or some programs and activities may have their own booster clubs, such as the football program. While booster clubs work with the school district they support, they are actually legally and financially separate entities. Booster clubs interact with the school district through a designated school sponsor -- often a school administrator -- who must approve the booster club's activities.

Organize the booster club. Establish officers, bylaws, a constitution and procedures for the booster club. Bylaws provide rules for how the booster club will operate, when the club will meet and how decisions will be made. Decide which school program(s) the club will support. Provide this information to the school district and keep the district informed of all changes throughout the school year.

Take care of the legalities. Consider purchasing an insurance policy to protect the booster club from any liabilities. Incorporate to fully establish the booster club as an independent legal entity, so no one associated with the club is held personally liable. Get an employer identification number from the IRS -- do not use the school's EIN. File for 501(c)(3) tax status to become exempt from paying tax on money the booster club earns, and so the club can receive tax-exempt contributions and grants.

Organize the booster club's finances. Agree on an annual budget. Set up a bank account and make sure you have everyone you want authorized to sign listed on the account. Order checks, buy a receipt book and implement a method of accounting. It is important for the club to account for all money that comes in and goes out.

Plan fundraising activities. Seek out community and local sponsors who will contribute financially to the club. Come up with ways to raise money through raffles, sales and recycling.