Florida Medicaid & MediPass

Florida Medicaid & MediPass
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The state of Florida provides health care assistance to low-income households through MediPass and other Medicaid programs. MediPass is available to all of those who qualify for Medicaid. This particular program is intended to provide individuals enrolled in Medicaid better access to a regular primary care provider who can best recognize and accommodate their individual health needs. Other Medicaid programs help families provide health care for children, who make up the majority of residents served by Medicaid in Florida.


In the United States, Medicaid is the name usually used for state-run health care programs that serve low-income families and individuals. Florida's Medicaid program is managed by the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration. Most of the people served by Medicaid in Florida are younger than the age of 20, as the program focuses heavily on healthcare for families and children. As of February 2011, most three million of Florida's 18 million residents are served by one of Florida's various Medicaid programs.

Medicaid Programs for Children

Several of Florida's Medicaid programs focus on the needs of children exclusively. The amount of assistance available through these programs varies according to the size of a qualifying family's household and the age of the children served. In order to qualify for a program that benefits children exclusively--rather than the entire family--parents must apply though the Florida KidCare program, which actually consists of four programs: Medicaid for Children, MediKids, Children's Medical Services Network and Florida Healthy Kids. The eligibility and benefits available to low-income families varies from program to program.

MediPass Program

MediPass is a health care program in Florida that is available to families and individuals who qualify for Medicaid. Under Florida law, Medicaid recipients are usually required to enroll in a managed care program like MediPass. MediPass provides residents access to primary care doctors who manage a patient's care on a comprehensive basis. This program is designed to help provide patients with better medical care and reduce costs by pairing residents with an individual healthcare provider that can become familiar with their cases and adjust treatment according to their health needs.


Eligibility for Medicaid varies considerably depending on the program, the individuals seeking assistance and the availability of state funding. Eligibility in Florida is determined by one of three agencies. The Social Security Administration may determine eligibility in the process of qualifying an individual or a household for supplementary security income. Additionally, individuals and families may be qualified for Medicaid assistance by two state agencies, the Department of Children and Families and the Florida Healthy Kids Corporation. As of February 2011, an individual may qualify for Medicaid if his cash assets are less than $2,000 and his income is below $180 per month. These agencies apply asset and income limits to determine eligibility. All Medicaid recipients are automatically eligible to enroll in MediPass.