How to Fix My Credit

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Fixing your credit takes time. Going from a low credit score to a high credit score is simply not something that can be accomplished overnight. The good news is that just about anyone can go from bad credit to good credit as long as they change the way they look at debt and payments.

Get a copy of your credit report. You can't fix your credit if you don't first know what you're dealing with. If there are errors on your credit report then contact the creditor involved along with the credit bureau in order to get the error removed from your report. You might be surprised to find how many errors may be on your credit report, and how much these errors can drag your credit score down.

Bring your delinquent accounts up to date. Even if you are only thirty days late on a payment, this can still have a detrimental affect on your credit score. One of the very best things you can do when trying to fix your credit is to bring everything up to date. Even if you have to drain your savings or borrow money from a relative, bringing all your credit account to current status will help you immensely.

Pay some of your debt down, even if it isn't delinquent. Part of your credit score reflects how much available credit you have. If all your accounts are close to their credit limit then this will bring your score down. Potential lenders do not like to see applicants with maxed out accounts on credit reports, and this can get you turned down for credit even if everything is current.

Stop applying for new credit. The number of credit inquiries on your credit report can be a problem if there are a bunch of them listed. It makes you appear to be too liberal with your quest for new credit accounts, and this does not make your credit report appealing to potential lenders.

Have patience. Keep paying your bills in a timely manner. The combination of timely payments along with no accounts sitting in delinquent status will allow your credit score to creep up slowly. There is no quick way to repair your credit, so allow some time for things to happen.


  • You may want to put your savings goals on hold temporarily so you can put more money toward paying your debt.


  • Don't pay a credit repair company to fix your credit. These services are ineffective and cost you money.