How Does a First-Time Tax Return Filer Get a PIN?

How Does a First-Time Tax Return Filer Get a PIN?
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To file your tax return using the IRS electronic filing service, e-file, you will need a personal identification number used to verify your identity. The PIN allows you to sign your return electronically, eliminating the need to mail in forms. If you are a first-time filer over age 16, you can receive a PIN. You can either create your own or ask the IRS to assign you one.

Sign up to e-file your taxes using a free online tax preparation service. The IRS provides a list of free services.

Complete your return by providing your personal, employment and income information.

Enter "0" for your previous year's adjusted gross income.

Select the option that indicates you are a first-time filer. Tax preparation services feature a self-selected PIN method. You create your own five digit PIN using any five-number combination, except all zeros. Since you will keep the same PIN year after year, select a set of numbers that is easy for you to remember. There is no need to register the PIN with the IRS or call to confirm it is active.

Enter your new PIN in the “Electronic Filing PIN” field to verify your identity and sign electronically.


  • If you filed your tax return for the year, but have not created a PIN, you can go to the website to request a PIN using the Get My Electronic Filing PIN feature on You will enter your personal information as it appears on your taxes, including your Social Security number, address and filing status.