How to Find Homeless Shelters

Satisfying the elementary need for shelter can be difficult enough, but for those living without a fixed address--let alone access to cars, computers or phone lines--the challenges are daunting. Survival depends on the ability to understand different social environments (such as urban versus suburban), and the degree of resourcefulness in accessing basic services.


  • Check with other people looking for the same services, if possible--their experiences may steer you in the right direction, or away from an agency overwhelmed by paperwork needs.\n\nFind alternatives to traditional social services agencies that may be a better fit. For example, the Streetwise agency teaches participants to sell its newspaper on corners and other public spaces. Many of these vendors have since found themselves full-time jobs.


  • Mind the rules and regulations of each shelter where you settle--with so many people living under one roof, fights and tensions are inevitable. Failing to heed the rules, however, could get you kicked out--and back out on the street.


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