How to Find Help Paying a Water Bill

There are times, when life hands you a curve ball and a couple of blows, and things just get tough. It's hard to make ends meet and you need some assistance from time to time. It may be humbling; but even the best of us will fall upon hard times and will have a need to seek out an organization, family member and/or friend for assistance.

Start out by asking to see if your church has a benevolence fund. Most do and usually they will help with utilities like water, gas and lights. They usually will have a check cut to you within a week’s time.

Call other local churches in the area. Many will help folks that are not members of their church, as long as they are locals from the area. Some will even give you a list of neighboring churches that offer assistance.

Call government institutions and ask for assistance. The United Way can get you in touch with many organizations to help with water bills. Most government and many private agencies will not give cash to you. They will send the money directly to the company or make a check out to your local water company for you to drop by and pick up.

If getting help from government and private agencies. Many require you provide proof of your need. Bring check stubs (if any) and other documents may be needed, along with a copy of a picture ID and social security card.

Ask your employer for an advance. Sometimes policies may not allow them to give you an advance. It doesn't hurt to ask. Since the amounts are usually small, some employers will make an exception.

Seek help from family members. Unless you have an estranged relationship. Most families will help other family members. Especially when it's a water bill. Usually those bills are fairly small and do not put a strain on the checkbook.

Seek help from close friends. I would recommend it be someone you have a strong relationship with. Someone who understands your situation and can wait for you to get back on your feet; if the agreement is for you to pay it back.

Search the Internet for organizations, both private and public institutions, that offer assistance to pay water bills. There will be beneficial information such as phone numbers, websites, fax numbers and even emails to contact them. They will then give you a list either over the phone or through email, of the criteria needed to be met to attain assistance.

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